Corbin Animal Health & Wellness

Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

At Corbin Animal Health and Wellness, we understand how difficult the final stage of your pet’s life is, and our compassionate team is here to help. We provide animal hospice and euthanasia services for pets and we will do everything possible to ensure your beloved companion’s final days are spent in comfort and dignity.

Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

As your pet approaches the end of their life, they may require a little additional assistance to stay comfortable. We will show your dog or cat the love, respect, and dignity they deserve as they prepare to depart this world if you choose us for hospice care. We’ll make sure they’re comfortable and pain-free, and we’ll give them any additional treatment they require. We also provide humane euthanasia services if they require it.

If your pet is suffering from a fatal condition for which there is no cure, hospice care is an alternative. With the right use of pain medications, food recommendations, and human connection, the goal is to make a pet’s final days or weeks more enjoyable. Pet hospice is not a location, but rather a personal choice and attitude founded on the belief that death is a natural part of life that may be handled with dignity. Pet parents should be cautious about prolonging the suffering of pets who are in pain or have a poor quality of life when considering hospice care.

Euthanasia provides a painless, peaceful end for a pet who would otherwise continue to suffer. Your veterinarian has received particular training to ensure that your pet passes in a humane and considerate manner. During the procedure, your veterinarian will provide a sedative and then a specific drug to your pet. The animal has no awareness of its death, which takes around 10 to 20 seconds and is similar to enduring general anesthesia for medical treatment.