Corbin Animal Health & Wellness

Pet Diagnostics

At Corbin Animal Health and Wellness, we proudly offer a wide range of in-house diagnostic services.

Pet Diagnostic Testing

An in-house laboratory and testing equipment are available at our location. These technologies, when used together, allow us to perform bloodwork and other lab tests to learn more about what’s going on inside your pet. We are able to acquire a clear picture of what is going on with your companion’s health and prescribe the appropriate medication as a result of this.

In-house Lab Tests

Our center has an In-House Laboratory, which allows our veterinarians to promptly perform diagnostic tests on a range of bodily fluids (ear swabs, blood, urine, feces, and so on) in order to obtain an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional X-ray imaging. Digital radiographs are a newer addition to clinical practice, and they are frequently favored over traditional X-ray imaging for a variety of reasons:

  • There is a reduction in radioactivity. Traditional X-rays are considered safe for animals, but digital radiographs expose your pet to even less radiation (high levels of which have been shown to have health consequences for humans and animals).
  • Imagery of a better resolution. Our veterinarians can make more accurate diagnoses with digital X-ray images because they are sharper, more detailed, and precise than traditional imaging.
  • Information sharing between team members has become easier. The results of digital radiological imaging are more accessible and simple to email and share with all members of your pet’s care team, including your main veterinarian, orthopedic specialists, and others.


Our in-house ultrasound machine enables us to safely collect sterile urine samples, check for free fluid, scan for masses, and improve our diagnostic abilities in general. Having this instrument on hand can deliver a life-saving diagnosis swiftly.

We’ve utilized ultrasound to find and remove fluid in the chest that was inhibiting lung movement, to find and remove bleeding abdominal tumors, to confirm intestinal obstructions before surgery, and much more.