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Boarding Form

Please complete this form as completely and accurately as possible so that we can get to know you and your pet(s) prior to your appointment.

Boarding Form

If no, you understand Corbin Animal Clinic LLC is not responsible for foreign bodies from consumption of shredded material.
are authorized to pick my pet up from boarding. I understand if I or the person listed above is not picking up the pet Corbin Animal Clinic will not release my pet to them.

I understand that Corbin Animal Clinic LLC does NOT perform overnight care, and will provide staffing for weekend care and other instances when the office is closed. I understand that I will that I will be contacted in case of emergency. However, if I cannotbe reached I authorize Corbin Animal Clinic LLC to perform lifesaving treatment on my pet. I also understand that I will be responsible for all financial charges that may occur with this. I do not hold Corbin Animal Clinic LLC responsible for any injuriesor illnesses suffered by my pet. I release Corbin Animal Clinic LLC from any liability due to loss of my pet(s) blankets, toys, bowls, containers, leashes, beds, and anything else I elect to bring with my pet while staying at their facility for boarding.I understand that Corbin Animal Clinic LLC does require that my pet be on flea/tick prevention for the protection of my pet and other boarders. If my pet is not current on veterinary dispensed flea/tick prevention, Corbin Animal Clinic LLC will apply medication at an extra charge.I have given accurate information about my pet(s) to the best of my knowledge. I have also read and understand all above statements.

Fees are charged on a per night basis. Pets are released only during normal business hours. Animals will not be released until services are paid.
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