Did you know that dental care is just as important to pets as it is to people? Or that the dreaded “dog breath” that many pet parents are so familiar with could be a sign of a serious problem?
Tooth and gum disease is extremely common in dogs and cats and, when left untreated, can be painful or even life-threatening. Problems affecting the mouth can even lead to certain systemic disorders. The good news? Dental problems are easier to prevent than you may think. At Corbin Animal Health and Wellness Center, we offer pet dental care for dogs and cats in Corbin to help maintain your companion’s well-being.

Dental Care Services for Dogs and Cats

Though it is often overlooked in companion animals, good dental hygiene is an important part of their overall health. Most dental services are performed while your pet is under anesthesia to ensure their safety and comfort. Our dental services include:
Dental examinations
…and other services as needed!
Tooth extractions

Pet Dentist in Corbin

If your companion is in need of a pet dentist in Corbin, look no further than Corbin Animal Health and Wellness Center. To learn more about our complete range of dental services or to schedule an appointment for your companion, please give us a call today.

Your Veterinarian in Corbin

Corbin Animal Health and Wellness Center offers pet dental care in Corbin, North Corbin, Laurel County, London, Hopewell, Lily and the surrounding areas.