Whether you’re just away overnight or you are out of town on an extended vacation, your dog or cat needs a safe place to stay while you’re gone.
For the ultimate peace of mind, choose Corbin Animal Health and Wellness Center for pet boarding in Corbin. When you leave your companion with us, they will be in excellent hands and have immediate access to a veterinarian if any problems arise.

Pet Boarding in Corbin

We provide a safe environment for dogs and cats when their owners are away. Our facility is clean and comfortable, and we ensure that all of our canine and feline guests get plenty of exercise and human interaction. We administer medications and adhere to prescription diets as needed to ensure your companion’s health while you are away. Our staff will treat your pet like a member of their own family, too, and shower them with love and affection.

If you are in need of pet boarding in Corbin, let us be of assistance. Please reach out to us today to schedule a time to tour our boarding area or to plan your pet’s stay.

Your Veterinarian in Corbin

Corbin Animal Health and Wellness Center offers pet boarding in Corbin, North Corbin, Laurel County, London, Hopewell, Lily and the surrounding areas.